Our history


The brand Devergo was founded in Veneto,Italy in the early ’80s. With unique, idividual design,

Devergo created goods that can be precisely and easily recognized. Devergo made a straight statement with its multicolored style 

and unique solutions.The design process is still placed in Italy, with Italian designers, but the HQ of the company is in Budapest, Hungary.

Currently Devergo is represented in 13 European countries succesfully, throughout its own frachise network, shop-in-shop

setups, and resellers.


Since Devergo was founded, the DNA of the brand remained the same: youthful, everyday clothing for both men and women, which is

based and focused on innovation, brave wash techniques, coloring, and innovative fabric combinations.

Devergo has a significant quality-price balance, which warrants perfectly designed goods, with recognisable details and high-quality, all

of these for an affordable price.

We are a brand, intensively motivated by quality, and products. We provide a whole range of men’s and women’s supply.


Sponsoration for Flas Ltd.’s appearing on the market



The Flas Ltd. had won an application of 8 538 176 HUF of VEKOP-1.3.1.-16, SME’s apperaing on the market titeled call. appearing of

SME’s on the market titeled call for sponsorship. The awarded sponsorship established the 49.999997% of the total costs of the project.

Under  this project we have participated two international fairs, a Russian and a Czech,the Styl-Kabo and the CPM fairs in the year 2017.

With our participation  on these fairs we have reached a significant increase  of our awerness on the international market,according to

the fact that our products get known esxtensively ,based on this we are expecting a great increase of our market share,and a better postion

of ours on the market.

The project had been finished on 10th of October,2017. The application was made by Forrás Centrum application writer company.